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released February 10, 2014



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Heavensgate Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Bitter
I've never felt like such a fool
You wanna play, but you do not know the rules
And when there's nothing left and you're all alone
You wont know who you are without a mind of your own

A sea of glass, the moonlight was shining in your eyes,
They speak of beauty but they also speak of deviant lies
He has a grip on your heart but very soon you'll see,
As much as you will fight, there is no getting rid of me

C'est la vie

All the things that I have done
All the songs that I have sung
What does it mean anymore?
Not as much as it did before
There is no groom
No jewels inside the wise man's tomb
Who gave a fuck anyway?
Listen closely you can hear them say:

"I saw it coming, I knew it all from the start"
I was made for this, you were made without a fucking heart
Try all you want, but you will never bury the blame
I'll make sure you remember my name

I have every right to be bitter
You took a part of me, a living entity
Indecent men in an indecent time
there is no getting sleep tonight

You took a hold of what's inside
There is no point in keeping you alive

All of your worst fears coming true

Nothing is sacred
Nothing is pure
Fear is your only disease now
And there is no cure
Track Name: Roach
You are still just a child
In my shoes you wouldn't last a fucking mile
There's more to life than TV and pot
You've been left on your couch to fucking rot
Nothing but a hollow shell
Not afraid of danger but afraid of hell
Slave to religion, slave to sin
You put in no effort but you wanna win

Already in your grave
And you have no shame

The door closes in my face again
We have no choice but to smile and pretend

Don't wait for life to spit in your face
Just keep to yourself
and keep a steady pace
Track Name: K.T.Y.
I cannot judge what you need or want
I don't give a fuck
You can live your own life, just stay out of mine
Don't cross the line

How 'bout we all just keep our mouths shut

So stop wasting time and open your mind
You might like what you will find
You're saying a lot but you don't "walk the walk"
That's because you're only talk

You may think it looks cool
But we all see you as the weak fool

You hide behind a screen but in reality
You seem pretty quiet to me
So do what you please, it doesn't matter to me
Just know that you will see

No one cares
No one ever will
Pretentious bigot
It doesn't matter what you feel
Drown in your own ignorance

You say you don't care but you keep talking
No one here owes you a goddamn thing
Track Name: False
You're fucking dead wrong

You're dead wrong if you think things'll be the same when you're back
You cant use me to make up for the things that you lack
You think I didn't know that you would put a knife in my back?
Now everything that you love will be put under attack

Because you have no friends
You made me realize that all good things come to an end
People like you need to know their place
All that you've been working for just blew up in your face

Knights fight for the hand of the fair maiden
She had no idea her father had paid them
True adventure is nothing but a false ideal
Because from your cell anything can look pretty real

How can you just live your life assuming shit?
How can you claim anything is really holy writ
We are all under the magnifying glass

This is not a life
This is not a test
Don't believe everything you read
Or you might be hearded out with the rest

I will not repent
Won't be put under your spell
I'll contradict every word you say
If it sends me straight to hell

You come to me
You need my help
Keep your distance
You have yourself

Time is fleeting
Track Name: Blood
Temptation is my condemnation

I'm not your knight in shining armor, I'm just a soul in debt
In the struggles of suburban life, I have my shame and my regret
But I know just who I am, you are nothing but a child
Thought you were better than the rest
While you were siding with them all the while

You will never understand
The blood is on my hands
You will never understand
What it means to be a man

Unwelcome in the world that I built
No compensation for the blood I have spilt

Life is a crime and we are all the victims
Good lives are for sale and you better come and get 'em
You can break me down and take all of my pride
But one thing you will never take is my soul and my mind

We are all trapped

(My heart is tired
Your soul on fire
You are a liar
Preach to the choir)
Please get my out of this town, don't care where I'm going to
I will go anywhere as long as I'm away from you
The beast I have become does not own a single rose
Another blinded canyon highway walk
So it goes
Track Name: Slag
Against your book
Committing sins
You pray to God
Then slip it in
Now I'll show you
What''s in your head
You'll never sleep
When in your bed

It is nothing more than friction
I'll give you something that you won't forget
And it will feed your addiction
Leave you choking on more than regret
You were just a girl of pure ambition
The kind that death normally attracts
Now tell if you've heard the new rendition
Of death by solid gold axe

Victim. Meet. Greet.
Fuck. Kill. Repeat.
(This is the end
You foolish slag)

All that's left of you is just a fucking stain
Track Name: Elitist
You're not as original as you may think
This song is just a testament to just how low you will sink
You may thing you're different but it just isn't true
Every band you listen to you found on YouTube

This is all just fashion to you
You're too busy focusing on what you think is "cool"
Let go of yourself, let your mind roam free
There's no specific person that you have to try to be

Pretentiousness floods the floor of every show
"I'm better than you because I know this song you do not know"
Putting weird filters on every photo that you took
But soon you'll realize that absolutely no one gives a fuck
Track Name: Pink
Death is running rampant through the city, "feelings are shitty"
Emotionless robots
You never had the time to feel what is real, the dealer deals
All you ever do is fucking talk, put up a facade of what you're not

I will never fall to what you are

Please leave me alone
And don't call me
Cause in my head
I've got a goddamn army

Forty stories of nothing but bullshit
Heaven is there, you just gotta reach it
I can't see it if I can't believe it
You can't be it, you just gotta dream it
Snowflakes left from your cold soul
Queen of hearts but I have to fold
Snake eyes ain't the only thing you rolled
Now be a good girl and do just as you're told

It's too late for you to say good-bye
For the vultures have already taken out my eyes
Then suddenly, just to your surprise,
You realize that there was never a heart inside

Front-line infantry without a rifle
Armed infants on the front lines
Alone at sea or surrounded by molecular friends?
Don't worry honey, you are more than just great in bed

A circus full of well dressed gentleman
You hear me knocking, doll? You better let me in
You're talkin' shit, You better reload your pen
Hold it together man!
The world will never be my friend